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Tru. Hong Kong. Currently obsessed with Les Misérables and musicals.
I drink tea, ship E/R and cry over fictional dead French revolutionaries.

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! isaw you posted some exr recs, can you rec long fics that are top!R please? because for some reason all the longs fics i find are only bottom!R fics :C (except your stories C:)

Of course! I admit a preference for top!R myself, so a few off the previous list will be :D

Specifically - I remember samyazaz writing quite a few top!R, Vidocq was, Five Year Plan was.

Find out what I’m feeling and Love is touching souls by lady_ragnell both are. The first is modern AU Enjolras in politics and the second is a soulmate AU

twenty-three by kiyala, soulmate AU, is mostly top!R with some switching at the end

oistros by arriviste is fabulous ABO fic minus the knots and self-lubricating arseholes

box of secrets by nightwatch where Enjolras hoards Grantaire’s drawings

and of course, yes, there’s me because I only write top!R >___>



is there really anything worst than having a notp becoming canon

#a notp not being canon but everyone insisting it is


want to burn 1000s of calories fast???

  • try to put your bed sheets on your bed


617. Eating in the Great Hall and a muggleborn suddenly yelling, “DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING? SINGING THE SONG OF ANGRY MEN” and all the Les Mis fans start singing along and the purebloods are just like, “What?” 


Some pictures from today!


every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters


the thing about musical theatre is it wasn’t a slowly evolving obsession

literally one day, it came along and hit me in the face like a damn brick


grantaire + music (and enjolras! bc i can! heheheh— :v)


when i was around 5 i asked my mom why “some people were different colors” and she said “because god wanted lots of flavors” and let me tell you that was the wrong thing to say because for the next 3 years i thought god ate people when they died

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Ravenclaws chillin’.

Joly’s that one kid the professors love so much he can get away with everything, including the pompoms and snakebite piercings. He also eats  questionable magic candies.